Thursday, May 17, 2012

New VoIP solution for Finland residing people

Foreign people who lives in Finland use many VoIP services but for a long time most of them were dependent on ´'' services. But from 15th May 2012 their popular Elisa access number (0503107890) has been shut down. From now on for every call the cost will be 'current call rate + 013770130 access number charge 6.9 euro cent). For example, per minute charge of Bangladesh, India and Pakistan mobile will be 9.2, 7.8 and 8.3 euro cent. This new rate is quite expensive for most of the people and hence time to find out some alternative options for making cheap calls. According to primary observation it seems that Betamax group is the   cheapest option but then also lot of factors are included to make VoIP calls from mobile phone. Normally most of the Betamax group VoIP has PC downloadable softwares (for example:,,, etc) and currently mobile phone versions are also available (android and iphone softwares are already available but sometimes for some Nokia Symbian devices it is available too). For making cheap VoIP calls have to take unlimited internet connection (now it seems to be 4.90 euro/month but possible to buy cheaper packages when are in some offers) and a compatible mobile device (for example: android based Samsung or HTC, IPhone etc.). In this process it is possible to call in Bangladesh mobile for 2 euro cent/min, India mobile 0.6 euro cent/min and Pakistan 2.4 euro cent7min. But the main disadvantage of Betamax group is the call quality and sometimes connection problems. So, another alternative is with Bangladesh, India or Pakistan with monthly package. Here, for Bangladesh and Pakistan it will cost 11.44 euro/month and the user will get 500 min and 30 free international SMS. So, per minute call is about 2.3 euro cent. The call quality is very excellent and sometime better than '' services. But it has some disadvantages as well means all 11.44 euro credit must have to be used within one month and any unused credit can't be used in next month. Some of the users of this service complains that sometimes refection occurs and after consecutive 20 minutes of talking the call cuts.      

Latest Betamax call rate of Bangladesh, India and Pakistan

For Bangladesh: euro cent/min (for landline),, ..... 2 euro cent/min (for mobile)

For India: 0.7 euro cent/min (for landline) ..... 0.6 euro cent/min (for mobile)

For Pakistan: .... 1.1 euro cent/min (for landline) .... 2.4 euro cent/min (for mobile)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Latest Betamax VoIP group cheapest call rate to Bangladesh, India and Pakistan

Landline: 1.6 euro cent (
Mobile: 2.1 euro cent (


Landline: 0.7 euro cent (
Mobile: 0.7 euro cent (

Landline: 1.1 euro cent (
Mobile: 2.4 euro cent (

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Everyday free 6 minutes call to India (both landline and mobile)

Turkey based VoIP telecom company is offering totally free VoIP calls to a list of countries including India. But the call duration is limited to only 2 minutes and you can be able to call maximum 3 times per day means totally 6 minutes. But still its not bad because it is totally free. For receiving this free service, first you have to visit their website, then register and then download their PC based softphone. Now, everything is ready and by putting your destination number you can start to call!!!